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Chemistry Formulas

A chemical formula is an important part of the language of chemistry because it tells us something about the composition of an element or a compound. A formula can be simple as He (helium) or as complicated as C27H46O (cholesterol).

The Chemical Formulas provides information about the atomic composition of a substance, while an equation allows us to describe a chemical reaction using the names or formulas of the reactants and products involved in the process.

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Writing Chemical Formulas

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Knowing the names of the elements and few basic rules allows us to name simple compounds given the chemical formula. we also can reverse the process. That is if we know the name of the compound, we should be able to write the chemical formula.
The rules for writing chemical formulas are
  1. Write the symbol of each element in the compound.
  2. If there is more than one atom of a particular element in the formula unit, write the number of atoms immediately after the symbol for the element.
The Procedure to Write a Chemical Reaction
  1. Identify the symbol of the cation and the anion
  2. Identify the charge of each symbol and place it in parenthesis above the symbol
  3. Balance the total positive and negative charge on the cation and anion. 
  4. Once the number of units of the cation and anion is determined those become the subscripts placed right after the symbol.

Students can also get help from our experts. Additional guidelines based on chemistry formulas are also provided below.
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