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Binding Energy Formula

Energy equivalent to mass defect is called binding energy. A nucleus is like a rigid spherical ball formed by bringing together a large number of tiny spherical balls in the form of nucleons.

Something is needed to keep the nucleons together. That something is binding energy which serves the purpose of glue. To provide the binding energy each nucleon has to contribute some of its mass resulting in mass defect.

"Binding energy is a measure of the strength of the bondage. More binding energy means more strong binding."

Binding Energy Formula is expressed as

Binding energy is the energy equivalent of the mass deficiency, energy released in the formation of an atom from subatomic particles.

Larger the mass defect, greater the binding energy and more stable is the nucleus.

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Binding Energy Problems

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Solved problems based on binding energy are given below.

Solved Examples

Question 1: Calculate the binding energy per nucleon for an alpha particle whose mass defect is calculated as 0.0292amu.
Binding energy = Mass defect $\times$ 931MeV

Binding energy = 0.0292 $\times$ 931 = 27.1852MeV

Binding energy per nucleon = $\frac{27.1852}{4}$ = 6.7963MeV


Question 2: Find the nuclear binding energy for 9Be4 in which the mass defect is given by 0.06248amu?
Binding energy per nucleus = $\Delta$m $\times$ c2 $\times$ 931MeV

Binding energy per nucleus = 0.06248 $\times$ 931.5 = 58.20 MeV

Number of nucleons in 9Be4 = 9

Binding energy per nucleon = $\frac{58.20}{9}$ MeV = 6.47MeV


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