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Moles to Grams Formula

Mole to gram and gram to mole conversion is a fundamental conversion in chemistry. Generally all quantities in chemistry, are represented in moles. One mole contains Avogadro number of atoms. If we know the mole quantity, we can convert it in to grams and vice versa. So the formula for moles to grams is,

Moles to Grams Conversion

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Moles to Grams Problems

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Solved Examples

Question 1: Convert 3 moles of water in to grams?

Since water is a molecule we consider as the molecular weight for this calculation.
Molecular weight of water = 18.015g/mol
Conversion equation of mole to gram is,
Grams = Moles × Atomic Weight
Grams = 3 ×18.015 = 54.045g

Question 2: Convert 2 moles of carbon monoxide to grams?

Carbon monoxide is a molecule. So molecular mass is considered for this calculation.
Molecular weight of CO = 28.01g/mol
Moles to grams conversion equation is,
Grams = Moles × Atomic Weight
Grams = 2 × 28.01 = 56.02g

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