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Basic Math Formulas

The Basic Math Formulas includes the average formulas, fraction formulas, percentage formula, formula for proportion, geometry formulas, trigonometric formula etc. They display how things work out with the help of some equation like the equation for force, acceleration or work done. Normally they are used to provide mathematical solution for real world problems. It can be as simple as a basic addition formula or complicated as an integration or differentiation.

Some of the Basic Math Formulas are given below:
Adding Fraction

Proportion Formula

Interest Formula

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Basic Math Problems

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Some solved problems using basic math formulas are given below:

Solved Examples

Question 1: Add the fractions $\frac{3}{7}$ and $\frac{8}{5}$
$\frac{3}{7}$ + $\frac{8}{5}$

= $\frac{3 \times 5}{7 \times 5}$ + $\frac{8 \times 7}{5 \times7}$

= $\frac{15}{35}$ + $\frac{56}{35}$

= $\frac{71}{35}$


Question 2: A sum of Rs 5000 is borrowed and the rate is 8%. What is the simple and compound interest for 2 years?
Simple Interest = Principal $\times$ Rate $\times$ Time

Simple Interest = 5000 $\times$ $\frac{8}{100}$ $\times$ 2

Simple Interest = 800

The simple Interest for 2 years is Rs 800

Compound Interest = Principal$(1+Rate)^{Time}$ - Principal

Compound Interest = 5000$(1+\frac{8}{100})^{2}$ - 5000

Compound Interest = 5000 $\times$ 1.1664 - 5000
Compound Interest = 832

The compound interest for 2 years is Rs 832


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