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Circumference Formula

Circumference of a circle is the measure of the boundary of a circle. It is defined as distance covered by the closed curve of the circle. The Circumference Formula requires either the radius or the diameter of the circle for its calculation.

Circumference of a Circle

The Circumference Formula is given as,
Circumference of a Circle Formula
C is the circumference of the circle.
d is the diameter of the circle.
r is the radius of the circle.

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Circumference Problems

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Some solved problems on circumference of a circle are given below:

Solved Examples

Question 1: Find the circumference of the circle whose radius is 13 cm ?
Radius of the circle = r = 13 cm

Circumference of the circle
= 2πr
= 2 $\times$ π $\times$ 13 cm
= 81.681 cm

Question 2: Find the circumference of the circle whose diameter is 27 cm ?
Diameter of the circle = d = 27 cm

Circumference of the circle
= πd
= π $\times$ 27 cm
= 84.823 cm

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