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Measurement Formulas

Measurements are used to measure something. It is the estimation of ratios of quantity. It is made by comparing a quantity with a standard unit. They are used to find the size, length or amount of something. Measurement Formulas are used to find the distance, area, surface area, volume, circumference etc. They also include some conversion formulas like conversion of inch to feet, meter to miles etc.

Some of the Measurement Formulas are given below:
Area Formula

Distance Formula

Circumference Formula

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Measurement Problems

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Some solved problems based on measurements are given below:

Solved Examples

Question 1: Fine the area of a triangle with base 3 units and height 8 units?
Base = 3 units
Height = 8 units
Area of a Triangle

= $\frac{bh}{2}$

= $\frac{3 \times 8}{2}$

= $\frac{24}{2}$

= 12 sq.units


Question 2: Find the distance between two points (2, 3) and (7, 5)?
(x1, y1) = (2, 3)
(x2, y2) = (7, 5)
Distance between the points

= $\sqrt{(x_{2} - x_{1})^{2} + (y_{2} - y_{1})^{2}}$

= $\sqrt{(7 - 2)^{2} + (5 - 3)^{2}}$

= $\sqrt{29}$

= 5.39 units


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