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Scientific Notation Formula

Scientific notation is expressing a too short or too large number in a short hand type using powers of ten that makes the number easily manageable. The scientific notation formula is given by
Scientific Notation Formula
Here a is the mantissa (first digit of the given number) that lies between 1 and 10 (1 $\leq$ a $\leq$ 10) and n is an integer.
In scientific notation the positive exponent gives out larger number whereas negative exponent gives out smaller number.

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Scientific Notation Examples

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Lets see some examples on scientific notation:

Solved Examples

Question 1: Express 23,40,00,000 in scientific notation.
Given number is 23,40,00,000.
The mantissa is 2 and there are 8 decimal places after it

Hence 23,40,00,000 in scientific notation as
23,40,00,000 = 2.34 $\times$ 108

Question 2: Express 0.0000000089 in scientific notation
Given number is 0.0000000089. The mantissa is 8 and there are 9 decimal places before 8

Hence 0.0000000089 in scientific notation as
0.0000000089 = 8.9 $\times$ 10-9

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