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Physics Formulas

Physics is all about expressing the things rather than mugging it up. When you are doing so you come across many concepts, problems etc. where you have to use your creativity, ability, imagination and good sort of potential. Physics makes significant contributions in new technologies that arise from theoretical breakthroughs. For example, advances in understanding of electromagnetism or nuclear physics led directly to the development of new products such as television, computers, domestic appliances, and nuclear weapons; advances in thermodynamics led to the development of industrialization, and advances in mechanics inspired the development of calculus. Conceptual understanding is a basic block without which you are no where.

                                                       Physics Formulas
Only when you understand the concepts thoroughly you can easily find the relation between the quantities by which build up the formulas, derive it and memorizing them will be easy.

Problems in physics are something which challenges your physics knowledge and skills which are based on three things
  1. Analyze what is given and what is asked in the problem?
  2. Using the correct formula
  3. Substituting the values and calculating properly.
To overcome these kind of  challenges you need to have a proper understanding of physics formula as well as its concepts.

We are providing you our pages based on all physics formulas in our sites where you can get any desired formulas. To understand it conceptually or in problem solving you can get help from our tutors who are available any time all 24/7.


Basic Physics Formulas

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Even if you understand the physical science formulas many a times you get struck up during exams where memorizing one formula may lead to forgetting the other. So What helps you is the physics formula sheet where you can list all formula in the single sheet and end up your difficulty.

Below are  given a sample physics formula sheet for basic relation between Voltage, current, resistance and power which might be helpful for you.

 Name of the quantity
 Quantities  Unit
 Voltage (V)
 V = IR
 I = Current
 R = Resistance
 Volts (V)
 Power (P)
 P = I V
 V = Voltage
 Watts (W)
 Power (P) P = $\frac{V^{2}}{R}$
 R = Resistance Watts (W)
 Power (P)  P = I2 R
I = Current  Watts(W)

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