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Absolute Pressure Formula

Any pressure measured above the absolute zero of pressure is termed as absolute pressure. It is equal to gauge pressure plus the atmospheric pressure. It is measured using barometer.

Absolute Pressure
Diagram showing gauge, vacuum and absolute pressure

Absolute pressure formula (pabs) is given by,
Absolute Pressure Formula
where patm is atmospheric pressure and pgauge is gauge pressure.

The vacuum pressure is given by,
Vacuum Pressure

At sea level it is about 14.7 pounds per square inch (psi)

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Absolute Pressure Formula

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Lets see some examples on absolute pressure:

Solved Examples

Question 1: A pressure gauge measures the pgauge reading as 32 psi. If the atmosphere pressure is 15.2 psi. Calculate the absolute pressure that corresponds to pgauge reading.
Given: Atmospheric pressure patm = 32 psi
            Gauge pressure pgauge      = 15.2 psi
Absolute pressure (pabs) =  patm + pgauge
                                      = 32 psi + 15.2 psi
                                      = 47.2 psi

Question 2: The psia pressure instrument gives the reading as 34.8 psi. If the atmospheric pressure is 15 psi. Calculate the corresponding guage pressure
Given: Atmospheric pressure patm = 15 psi
            Absolute pressure pabs       = 34.8 psi

The Gauge pressure is
pgauge = 34.8 psi - 15 psi
           = 19.8 psi.

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