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Air Resistance Formula

We have seen the planes moving in sky what  decreases its speed? Its the Air resistance.
Air Resistance
Air resistance is a force that is caused by air. The force acts in the opposite direction to an object moving through the air. Air resistance is the frictional force air exerts against a moving object. As an object moves, air resistance slows it down. The faster the object's motion, the greater the air resistance exerted against it. Air resistance affects all moving objects, from airplanes, rockets, and trains to car, bicycles, and even living things. Air resistance is the resistance against the air, which decreases the speed of the moving object. Its formula is given as,
Air Resistance Formula
c is air constant,
v is the object's velocity.

Air Resistance Formula is used to find the air resistance, air constant and velocity of body if some of these quantities are known. This formula has wide applications in aeronautics.

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Air resistance Problems

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Below are given some problems based on air resistance which will be helpful to understand the concept.

Solved Examples

Question 1: A plane moving with velocity of 50 ms-1 has a force constant of 0.05. Calculate its air resistance.
Given: Velocity of air v = 50 ms-1,
         Force constant c = 0.05
The force constant is given by F = cv2 = 0.05 $\times$ 2500
                                                       = 125 N.

Question 2: An object is traveling at 20 ms-1 experiences a force of 50 N. Calculate the force constant.
Given: Velocity of air v = 20 ms-1,
         Force F = 50 N,
The force constant is given by c = $\frac{F}{v^{2}}$
                                               = $\frac{50}{20^{2}}$ = 0.125.

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