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Electric Field Formula

Electric Field is the field produced by any electric charge around it whose influence is observed when another charge is brought in that area where the field exists.

The force F experienced by electric charge q is gives the Electric field lines. The Electric Field formula is given by

If q and Q are two charges in space separated by the distance r. The Electric force is given by

Substituting the electric force formula in the above electric field formula we get Electric Field Formula as

If the Voltage V across given distance r then electric field formula is given by
Electric field is measured in N/C. Electric Field formula is used to find Electric field of any number of point charges given in space.

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Electric Field Problems

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Below are some problems based on electric field which may be helpful for you.

Solved Examples

Question 1: A force of 3 N is acting on the charge 6 $\mu$ C at any point. Calculate the electric field intensity at that point?
Given: Force F = 3 N,
          Charge q = 6 $\mu$ C
The Electric field is given by E = $\frac{F}{q}$
                                            = $\frac{3 N}{6 \times 10^{-6} C}$
                                            = 5 $\times$ 105 N/C.

Question 2: Find electric field at a distance of 1 A0 from the nucleus of Helium atom?
Given: Charge in nucleus q = 2 $\times$ 1.6 $\times$ 10-19 C = 3.2 $\times$ 10-19 C.
          Distance r = 10-10 m
The formula of electric field is given by E = $\frac{K q}{r^{2}}$
                                                           = $\frac{9 \times 10^{9} \times 3.2 \times 10^{-19}}{(10^{-10})^{2}}$
                                                           = 28.8 $\times$ 1010 N/c.

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