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Force Formula

When we hear the word Force we get an idea of getting energized. We always come across the word push and pull related to it. So what exactly is this Force?

In short Force can be defined as the external agency which makes the body change its state, size, position under strain. It is denoted by F.
In general, the formula for force is given by
Force Formula
m = mass
a = acceleration.
It is expressed in Newton (N) or Kgm/s2.

Acceleration a is given by
Acceleration Formula
Where v = Velocity and
t = time taken

So Force can be given as
Formula for Force
Momentum is given by p = mv can also be called as inertia formula

Hence Force can be given as rate of change of momentum.
Momentum Force Formula
Force formulas are useful in finding out the force, mass, acceleration, momentum, velocity in any given problem.

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Force Problems

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Problems based on force which may be helpful are given below:

Solved Examples

Question 1: Aimmee is having a toy car of mass 2kg. How much force should she should put on the car so that it should move with the acceleration of 8m/s2?
Given: Mass of toy car m = 2 Kg,
          Acceleration a = 8m/s2,
          Force to be applied by aimmee is given by F = m $\times$ a
                                                                           = 2 Kg $\times$ 8 m/s2
                                                                           = 16 Kgm/s2
                                                                           = 16 N.

Question 2: A hammer of mass 1 kg moving with a speed of 6 m/s strikes a wall and comes to rest in 0.1 sec. Calculate the retardation force that stops the hammer?
Given: Mass of the hammer, m = 1 kg,
          Initial Velocity u = 6 m/s,
          Final velocity v = 0 m/s,
          Time taken t = 0.1 s.
The acceleration is a = $\frac{v-u}{t}$.
a = $\frac{(0-6) m/s}{0.1 m/s^{2}}$
a = - 60 m/s2 (negative sign indicates retardation).
Thus the retarding force, F = ma
                                       = 1 $\times$ 60
                                       = 60 N.

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