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Frequency Formula

Frequency is the number of wave cycles or revolutions per second. The Formula for period (T) in terms of frequency is given by

If we consider any wave in terms of velocity and wavelength the Frequency Formula is given by
f is the frequency of the wave,
V is the wave velocity or wave speed,
$\lambda$ is the wavelength of the wave.

If light wave is considered then frequency is given by
Where, C is velocity of light.

Frequency in terms of angular frequency is given by
Where $\omega$ is the angular frequency.

The formula for frequency of a wave is used to find frequency(f), time period(T), wave speed (V) and wave length ($\lambda$). The Frequency is expressed in Hertz (Hz).

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Frequency Formula Problems

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Below are given some problems based on frequency formula which may be helpful for you.

Solved Examples

Question 1: Find the number of oscillations if time taken is 3 s?
Given: Time taken T = 3 s,
          Frequency f = ?
The frequency formula if given by f = $\frac{1}{T}$
                                                 = $\frac{1}{3}$
                                                 = 0.33 Hz.

Question 2: The light wave has wavelength of 500 nm. Calculate its frequency?
Given: Velocity of light, V = 3 $\times$ 108 m/s,
         Wavelength, $\lambda$ = 500 nm
Frequency is given by f = $\frac{V}{\lambda}$
                                  = $\frac{3 \times 10^{8}}{500 \times 10^{-9}}$
                                  = 6 $\times$ 1014 Hz.

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