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Inductive Reactance Formula

Inductive reactance or simply reactance is nothing but the resistance of an inductive circuit. An inductor oppose the current in a coil which changes the direction and instantaneous magnitude. This opposition is similar to resistance but always possesses a phase shift between voltage and current and dissipate zero power. Since it has some difference from the resistance, it is termed as reactance. And it is denoted as $X_{L}$. The SI unit is ohm. The formula for reactance is given as
Inductive Reactance FormulaWhere, $X_{L}$ is the inductive reactance, f is the frequency and L is the inductance.

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Inductive Reactance Problems

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Solved problems of inductive reactance is given below:

Solved Examples

Question 1: An inductor of 2H is connected to a circuit at a frequency of 50Hz. Calculate the inductive reactance of this circuit?

The given parameters are,
f = 50Hz and L = 2H
Inductive reactance formula is given as,
$X_{L}$  = 2$\pi$fL
$X_{L}$  = 2$\times$3.14$\times$50$\times$2 = 628Ω

Question 2: At what frequency does a 250mH inductor have 3.5kΩ of reactance?

The given parameters are,
$X_{L}$ = 3.5kΩ = 3500Ω, f = ? and L = 250mH = 0.25H
Inductive reactance formula is given as,
$X_{L}$  = 2$\pi$ fL

So, f = $\frac{X_{L}}{2\pi L}$

f = $\frac{3500}{2\times3.14\times0.25}$ = 2229Hz


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