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Wavelength Formula

Wavelength is defined as the difference between two successive crust or trough. It is denoted by $\lambda$.

Wavelength Formula for any wave given by
Where, v is the wave speed and
f is the frequency taken.

The Formula for wavelength for light wave is given by
Where, c is the velocity of light,
f is the frequency of the wave.

The wave speed formula is given by

Wavelength is expressed in m, velocity of wave is expressed in m/s, frequency is expressed in Hz. Wavelength formula is used to find wavelength or frequency if any of these parameters are given.

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Wavelength Problems

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Below are some problems based on wavelength which may be helpful for you.

Solved Examples

Question 1:
A harmonic wave is traveling along a rope. The source generating the waves completes 50 to and fro motions in 25 s. A trough travels 2m in 4s. calculate the wavelength of the wave?

Time taken for 50 oscillations = 25 s
Time for 1 oscillation, t = $\frac{25}{50}$ = 0.5 s
Frequency of 1 oscillation, f = $\frac{1}{0.5}$ = 2 Hz
The wave travels a distance of 2m in 4s. The wave speed is given by v = $\frac{2}{4}$ = 0.5 ms-1
The wavelength is given by $\lambda$ = $\frac{v}{f}$
                                                       = $\frac{0.5}{2}$
                                                       = 0.25 m.


Question 2: The frequency of a tunning fork is 256 Hz and sound travels a distance of 25 m while tunning fork executes 20 vibrations. Calculate the wavelength of sound?
Frequency f = 256 Hz,
Distance d = 25 m,
No of vibrations/ oscillations = 20
Wavelength $\lambda$ = $\frac{Distance}{No of oscillations}$
                                  = $\frac{25}{20}$
                                  = 1.25 ms-1.


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