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Work Formula

Work is said to be done when a body undergoes displacement. It is denoted by W.

Work Formula is given by
F = force applied and
d = displacement.
Work formula is used to calculate work done, force or displacement in any problems. It is given in Nm.

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Work Problems

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Below are problems on work which helps ou to understand the concept better.

Solved Examples

Question 1: Calculate the work done if 10 N of force acts on the body showing the displacement of 2m?
Given: Force F = 10 N,
          Displacement d = 2m,
Work done W = F $\times$ d
                     = 10 N $\times$ 2m
                     = 20 Nm.

Question 2: Calculate work done for 2 newton force and 3 metre displacement and angle between force and displacement is 45 degree?
Given: Force F = 2N,
          Displacement d = 3m,
          $\theta$ = 45o
Work done W = Fd cos $\theta$
= 2N $\times$ 3m cos 45o
= 3.51 Nm.


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